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Zwalm has no fewer than 12 churches. There are as many as there are villages. It is not without reason that the municipality is called the twelve-village paradise. You will find Gothic, neoclassical and Renaissance features in the architectural style and decoration of the sometimes impressive churches. Several of them also have a beautiful organ that has rightly been recognized as heritage.

In the picturesque village of Rozebeke you will find the ‘cathedral’ of the Zwalm region. It is one of the oldest pilgrimage churches in Flanders. Be sure to take a short walk around the enclosed church. You may recognize the decor from the film ‘Allez Eddy’ or television series such as ‘Het Verdriet van België’ and ‘De Ronde’.

When you stand in front of the church in Roborst, you imagine yourself in Austria or Germany. The St. Dyonisius Church does not have a typical pointed tower, but does have a baroque bell-shaped tower. Moreover, it is located on a beautiful square where it is ideal to relax during a walk or bike ride.

Of the twelve churches, only the church in Munkzwalm is always open to the public.