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Ville centre Dikkele

Dikkele is a small, remote village in the middle of the rolling fields, where hikers can indulge themselves. The village centre with its bumpy cobblestones has been fully protected since 1980, just like the area around it. The Munkbosbeek meanders through the picturesque village along surrounding forests where Jan De Lichte took shelter to make the neighbourhood unsafe.

“Dikkele is a place that has unnoticedly turned into a postcard in recent decades. To cherish and keep with great care!”

The cobblestone streets from Dikkele are definitely worth a visit. Come and experience the atmosphere of yesteryear and settle down in the cozy inns in the Brouwerijstraat. The street name is a reference to the ‘De Wever’ brewery, which gave the village an economic image until 1893. On the border of Rozebeke and Michelbeke you can walk, cycle, step, skate, etc. to your heart’s content on the Mijnwerkerspad.

The path used to serve as a railway line between the Flemish Ardennes and the coal mines of the Borinage. Today you can relax in the greenery. The roadsides of the Mijnwerkerspad are a particularly suitable habitat for many rare plants due to their wide variety of abiotic characteristics.