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Through all weathers, the imposing Vinkemolen mill along the Franskouter stands as a witness to a rich mill history. The mill dates from 1686 and was originally located in neighbouring Oosterzele. After the windmill blew down in 1983, reconstruction stuck to plans. It took until 2003 before the mill was rebuilt at its new location […]

Boembekemolen [mill]

The Boembekemolen, on the border of Rozebeke and Michelbeke (Brakel), is the visitor centre of Natuurpunt in the Flemish Ardennes. It is run by the volunteers of Natuurpunt Zwalmvallei. This beautiful historic setting is the perfect starting point for cycling trips and numerous beautiful walks along the Miner’s trail. In the visitor centre you can […]

Ijzerkotmolen [mill]

The Ijzerkotmolen instantly takes you back in time. The old water mill is first mentioned in 1452 and was successively a paper, iron, copper, oil and corn mill. At the weekend you can enjoy a delicious regional beer while admiring the old mill mechanism in all its glory. An ideal stop during your walk along […]

Pede’s Molentje [mill]

A picturesque little water mill in Hundelgem to dream away. You can visit it on special days (last Sunday April – second Sunday September – third Sunday October). Would you prefer to come and have a look at it at another time? Then make an appointment by calling 0468 34 33 69. Their brand new […]

Moldergemmolen [mill]

The Moldergemmolen is located at the foot of the Molenberg, one of the well-known calf-biters of the Tour of Flanders. This water mill along the Boekelbeek from 1229 served as a sawmill, oil stamping mill and later flour mill. Both the mill and the surrounding area were protected as a village view in 1994. A […]

Biestmolen [mill]

The history of this protected water mill dates back to before 1063. At that time, it provided the livelihood of the Benedictine monks in Ename. At the end of the 19th century, the mill house was renovated and acquired its current appearance with a mill wheel. You can take a look at the mill house […]

Bostmolen [mill]

This watermill with an overshot wheel first appeared in writings in 1571. Since the mill was ground with four pairs of grinding stones, we can assume that this was a real ‘industrial’ mill. The Bostmolen was not left behind with the advent of the diesel engine. From then on, grinding could also be done using […]