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Cultural heritage

The hamlet Wijlegem

The hamlet of Wijlegem is a tiny little place but is more than worth a detour. Regardless of the weather, the impressive Vinkemolen stands out along the Franskouter as a witness to a rich mill past. A little further on you will discover the charming St. Margaretha’s Chapel, unique because of its location and serenity.

Image: ®Nicola Mathu


Continue your walking or cycling tour from there towards Munkzwalm and stop at the Bocclo wine estate, which is derived from Boekel, old Dutch Beukelo, Bock-lo (Beukenbos). You will find no fewer than 1050 vines there!


A visit to the Zwalm region also requires a visit to one of the many watermills. The Zwalmmolen in Munkzwalm is one of the seven watermills that are still intact. Would you like to take a look inside? This is possible! When the Streekpunt – located in the lock keeper’s house opposite the Zwalmmolen – is open, the employees will be happy to open the doors of the mill for you and take you on a fascinating tour.