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Zwalmmolen [mill]

The winding Zwalmbeek [brook], which cuts the beautiful Zwalm region in half, bridges a height difference of 60 m over a distance of 20 km. No wonder that people quickly saw the possibilities. Over the course of history, no fewer than thirteen water mills were built on the Zwalm. Today there are only seven left and the Zwalmmolen is one of them.

The oldest mention of this beautiful mill dates from 1227. Until the beginning of the 20th century it was a double mill. Not only corn, but also linseed, chicory, maize, rice and tobacco were cultivated. The mill mechanism, including the cylinder mill, is still fully intact and ready to grind. This tourist attraction – owned by the Province of East Flanders since the 1990s – is definitely worth a visit.

Be sure to drop by the house of the lock attendant on the other side, which was set up as a tourist information point. Our employees are happy to open the doors of the Zwalmmolen for you.