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The Scheldt used to be a meandering river that burst its banks every winter, causing much of the surrounding area to be flooded. It was then a popular spot for many plants and animals. Every winter and spring a large part is still under water. The Kaaimeersen are the wintering and breeding place for some […]


The Kaaihoeve is located in a 7-hectare nature reserve that is part of the former flood area of the Upper Scheldt. The farm itself and the beautiful nature reserve around it owe their name to the former jetty. Before the Scheldt Meander was cut off in the 1960s, goods – such as coal and lime […]


The winding Zwalmbeek punctuates the rolling Zwalm region. It rises in Brakel through the confluence of the Molenbeek and the Dorenbosbeek and flows into the Scheldt in Nederzwalm. The deep incision of the brook and the rivers create the typical landscape, with rows of trees in the valleys between the hills displaying the winding course. […]

Boembekemolen [mill]

The Boembekemolen, on the border of Rozebeke and Michelbeke (Brakel), is the visitor centre of Natuurpunt in the Flemish Ardennes. It is run by the volunteers of Natuurpunt Zwalmvallei. This beautiful historic setting is the perfect starting point for cycling trips and numerous beautiful walks along the Miner’s trail. In the visitor centre you can […]

Valley Perlink

The ‘Perlinkvallei’ nature reserve is located in a beautiful valley on the right bank of the Perlink or Boekelbeek in Sint-Blasius-Boekel. Downstream, the stream is called ‘Moldergembeek’ and flows into the Zwalm in Nederzwalm under the name Perdenstokbeek. You will not only discover toads and frogs in the pools, but also three species of salamanders. […]

Valley Munkbos

The Munkbosbeek meanders through the hilly landscape of the Zwalm region and visits several picturesque villages including Dikkele. The valley and the brook are named after the Munkbos or Monnikenbos, once the hideout of the infamous gang leader Jan De Lichte. When you explore the valley in the spring, you will discover a colourful palette […]