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Family outings

De Kaaihoeve

De Kaaihoeve in Meilegem is the ideal place for an outing with the whole family. Inside, children can test their knowledge with a bird quiz, explore various activity corners and experience a temporary exhibition. Outside they can enjoy themselves on the barefoot path and the natural musical instruments. Explore the surrounding Kaaimeersen and immerse yourself in the greenery. Can it be just that little bit more? Then participate in the photo search or the GPS search.

Experience farm Hoeve 't Alkeveld

A little further away from our neighbours in Velzeke you can discover Hoeve ‘t Alkeveld. An ideal outing to let yourself and the children experience the atmosphere of the farm. If you are lucky, you might even see a calf being born. After your visit to the farm, you can enjoy a delicious home-made ice cream on the terrace or romp on the playground.

Out and about with alpacas

Anyone who leaves Rozebeke will discover ‘Ecosnooze’ at the foot of the Berendries in Michelbeke. You will meet the alpacas and then take an adventurous journey through nature together. A unique outing that will please both young and old. Because admit it, they are cute, arent they?!