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Ville centre Dikkele

Dikkele is a small, remote village in the middle of the rolling fields, where hikers can indulge themselves. The village centre with its bumpy cobblestones has been fully protected since 1980, just like the area around it. The Munkbosbeek meanders through the picturesque village along surrounding forests where Jan De Lichte took shelter to make […]

Youth residence Oud Klooster

The Oud Klooster in Dikkele is a charming old parochial school that has been completely converted into a youth residence and group accommodation. It also has a beautiful garden of 1 hectare. Feel free to take a look around.

De Warande

In the village centre of tiny Dikkele, De Warande is a place for the slow traveller to be welcomed after a tiring day, to enjoy a restful night and to continue on his way after a healthy breakfast.

De Wingerd

De Wingerd is a charming and attractive house with a southern appearance located in the old town hall of the picturesque Dikkele. You can relax in the romantic garden or enjoy a Finnish sauna.

Summer bar Cocoon

Pop-up summer initiative to connect ‘us’ with tasty drinks and sweet treats.

De Poezenelle

Café with banquet hall in the pleasant village centre of Dikkele.

Alderman’s letter from Bochoute

In the Dikkelse kouters you will encounter a special memorial stone at the intersection of the Oudenweg and the Kouterstraat. The massive stone from the famous quarries of Balegem immortalizes Bochoute’s Alderman’s Letter. A charter from 1249 written entirely in a regional variant of Middle Dutch. The charter seals the land transaction between the gentleman […]

Valley Munkbos

The Munkbosbeek meanders through the hilly landscape of the Zwalm region and visits several picturesque villages including Dikkele. The valley and the brook are named after the Munkbos or Monnikenbos, once the hideout of the infamous gang leader Jan De Lichte. When you explore the valley in the spring, you will discover a colourful palette […]