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Summer bar wine domain Vijflinden

From 15 June, you can visit the cosy pop-up summer bar at wine domain Vijflinden. Enjoy fresh wine (or other drinks!) in the shade of the vines, from 2pm to 6pm each time. Besides their own wine, they also offer wines from fellow winemakers in the region and local beers. The pop-up is outdoors and […]

Vakantiewoningen Zwalm

In Munkzwalm – near the Zwalm Mill and the river – you will find three holiday homes equipped with every comfort. Each house is suitable for 6 people.

Zwalmmolen [mill]

The winding Zwalmbeek [brook], which cuts the beautiful Zwalm region in half, bridges a height difference of 60 m over a distance of 20 km. No wonder that people quickly saw the possibilities. Over the course of history, no fewer than thirteen water mills were built on the Zwalm. Today there are only seven left […]


The winding Zwalmbeek punctuates the rolling Zwalm region. It rises in Brakel through the confluence of the Molenbeek and the Dorenbosbeek and flows into the Scheldt in Nederzwalm. The deep incision of the brook and the rivers create the typical landscape, with rows of trees in the valleys between the hills displaying the winding course. […]

De Stoasie

The Stoasie is housed in the former station building in the centre of Munkzwalm. The building dates from 1903 and is a protected village sight. An ideal starting point for exploring the Zwalm region. The station is also a green stop and located along the GR122. De Stoasie can accommodate 6 people

Camping Canteclaer

Family camping accommodation park quietly located near the Zwalmbeek and the Zwalmmolen and in the immediate vicinity of numerous walking and cycling routes. The campsite is close to the village centre of Munkzwalm where you can go for all your purchases.

Zoet Zout

In Zoet Zout you can enjoy a piece of cake, brunch or lunch, but you can also pick up cake, to order or not. Every 2nd and 3th Sunday of the month you can enjoy a delicious brunch or enjoy a piece of cake.


Café in the heart of Munkzwalm with banquet hall.

Snooker Prismas

Ideal place to enjoy a nice drink while playing a game of snooker.

De Zwalmkoets

Enjoy a nice dinner in the heart of Munkzwalm with a disco bar on Saturday evening for those disco-enthusiasts.

De Stoasie

Eating and talking café in the old station building of Munkzwalm. You can go there for breakfast, snacks and an afternoon snack.

De Pub

Café with playground.

De Koffiemolen

The ideal place to enjoy a delicious brunch or tasty dessert.


Tasty snacks and refreshing drinks in the farm next to the residential park.


Zwalm has no fewer than 12 churches. There are as many as there are villages. It is not without reason that the municipality is called the twelve-village paradise. You will find Gothic, neoclassical and Renaissance features in the architectural style and decoration of the sometimes impressive churches. Several of them also have a beautiful organ […]

Memorial Stone Pierre-Franz De Coene

Captain-commander Pierre-Franz De Coene was born in Munkzwalm on February 12, 1896. He had a carefree childhood in Munkzwalm in and around the parental farm in Wafelstraat. However, the tide turned on August 6, 1915, when he was called up to provide assistance to the Belgian troops behind the Yser. He performed his task honourably, […]

Statue Heros

At the recreation site in Munkzwalm you can admire the statue ‘Heros’ by internationally renowned artist Johan Tahon. The image cannot be captured in a few words. It is a representation of passion, victory, someone who wants to surpass himself and was inaugurated in 2011 on the occasion of Zwalm ‘Village of the Tour’.  “Heros […]