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Bocclo Wine Estate

Peter Baele is a winegrower/winemaker by profession and planted 1050 vines in 2018 in Wijlegem, Sint-Denijs-Boekel. The vineyard contains four types of hybrid grape varieties: Johanniter, Helios, Souvignier Gris and Cabaret Noir. The name Bocclo is derived from the old Dutch name Boekel, then Beukelo, also Bock-Lo (place where beech trees grow). White, red, rosé […]

Boembeke apple juice

The Natuurpunt orchard, a stone’s throw from the Boembekemolen, produces a mass of apples every year. Those apples are partially pressed into juice. A pure apple juice without any added sugars or preservatives. Naturally delicious apple juice!

Boembeke Luiwerk

The Natuurpunt orchard, a stone’s throw from the Boembekemolen, produces a mass of apples every year. Those apples are partly pressed into juice and with that juice, among other things, a beer is brewed: Boembeke Luiwerk.


Cressana revived an old watercress nursery in Roborst in 1983. A personal interest in health and nutrition of owners Miriam and Karel led Cressana to reserve part of the watercress for juice. This concentrated watercress juice turned out to be very beneficial. Family, friends and neighbours quickly started asking for the beneficial drink. Freeze drying […]

De Goede Zaak

De Goede Zaak, that is Pieter and Sylvie. They have been committed to sustainable catering and artisanal organic seitan, organic bread spreads and organic breakfast cereals for more than ten years. With the seasons as a guideline, they will be happy to celebrate their love for cooking at your party or (company) event. Delicacies according […]


The non-profit organisation Gangulphus from Paulatem decided to brew its own beer. It is named after Gangulphus, the patron saint of Paulatem. Deliciously local!

Laethemgoed – wine domain

In 2015, Leen and Luk started planting a modest vineyard. Surrounded by woods, it is well protected from wind and weather. They chose the white grape variety Johanniter. This variety is the result of crosses between Riesling, Seyve-Villard, Ruländer and Gutedel. An ideal variety, therefore, to produce sparkling wine in our region. Everything is done […]


An Ourobouros is a snake that bites its own tail. It is one of the world’s oldest symbols for the cyclical nature of nature and the unity of everything. A great name for a biodynamic farm. Ourobouros provides the region with vegetable parcels and at the same time also has a social mission. Anyone who […]

Seghers coffee roasting company

Seghers coffee roasters is a family business from Zwalm where coffee is roasted in a traditional way to produce the most delicious flavour aromas. Taste the mocha, dessert, decaffeinated or Java doré and be convinced by the soft but intense flavours.


To mark the 25th anniversary of Heemkring, they decided to brew a unique beer: Swaelmke. Swaelmke is a top-fermented golden ale (6.5%) with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Zwalm potatoes

Steven De Geyter Steven’s potatoes are grown and harvested with great care. Part of that harvest goes into the short chain. Dries 70   Lekker lokaaltje Potatoes and seasonal vegetables in ‘Lekker lokaaltje’ in Munkzwalm. Zuidlaan 151   Geert Meerschaut Potatoes straight from the field. Wijlegem 6   Marc & Jonathan Niemegeers Organic […]

Zwalm beekeepers

Jonathan De Bleye Beekeeping from father to son. The honey is normally available from July 1 while supplies last. Paulatemstraat 51 Guido De Maertelaere You can see an apiary and bee-friendly garden with the option of a short or extended visit. Naturally, traditional natural honey is also available for sale at home, 7/7 days. […]

Zwalmse tripel

The Zwalmse Tripel is a strong beer (8%) with fruity and bitter notes. A beer for the connoisseur, but especially for the gourmand. You can enjoy it in one of our cozy cafes or purchase it at the local liquor store.

Zwalm’s meat

De Lekkerbek Beef, veal and pastured (meat) chickens with great care for animal welfare and quality. Wafelstraat 58   Koelis Belgian white-blue beef in package form. The cows are raised on home-grown corn and grains. Hundelgemsebaan 90   Zwalmbeekhoeve Pork straight from the farmer’s wife. Wafelstraat 48  

Borsbeek speculoos

The village bakery speculoos that cracks and tastes, is made with the best ingredients and is sought after far beyond the borders. These crispy cookies have been baked in a bakery near the church in Borsbeke (Herzele) since the early 1900s.

Brewery Hedonis

Full of passion and enthusiasm, Hedonis Craft Beer was founded in 2015. The name Hedonis refers to Hedonism, the philosophical doctrine where striving for pleasure is the highest good. And of course, tasting our delicious brews is synonymous with enjoying them very hard! Craft beer refers to the English term ‘craft beer’, an explosive movement […]

Brewery Smiske

This former lemonade factory was transformed into an artisanal brewery by Johan Brandt in 1995. Here the beer still has time to become beer. The beer ‘Smiske’ is a craft beer that is available as Smiske blond, Smiske brown and Smiske extra.

Brewery Van Den Bossche

Brouwerij Van Den Bossche is an artisanal and family business. You should definitely try beers such as ‘Pater Lieven’ (blonde, brown or triple), ‘Buffalo’ (Bitter or Stout) and ‘Lamoral’.

Christiana waters

When Saint Christiana settled in Dikkelvenne in the eighth century, she miraculously created springs. One of those sources was later baptized the Christiana source. The Christiana Bronnen company was founded in 1938 and now Roni Leyman bottles all kinds of waters and lemonades, something his father and grandfather did before him.

Farmershome ‘t Alkeveld

Hoeve ‘t Alkeveld is a real family business where milking a hundred cows is the daily raw material for the tastiest dairy products such as ice cream, pudding, yoghurt and rice porridge. It is also pleasant to stay there and taste. Always life in the farm.

d’ Ouwegemse Fluitjes

It was during a jog that two friends decided to revive the ‘Fluitjes’ in Ouwegem. The age-old candy, in the shape of a whistle, was immediately restored to its former glory. In the meantime, the friends are four and they provide whistles, whistle parties and even launched their own beer: het Slaefke.

Distillery Van Damme

Distillery Van Damme is a busy square farm at the gateway to the Zwalm region, in rural Balegem. The production of Balegem gin has been the central activity of the farm since 1862. No one can escape the Baleghem Ode Flanders. But there is also delicious cherry or lemon gin. You can enjoy your glass […]