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Zwalmmolen [mill]

The winding Zwalmbeek [brook], which cuts the beautiful Zwalm region in half, bridges a height difference of 60 m over a distance of 20 km. No wonder that people quickly saw the possibilities. Over the course of history, no fewer than thirteen water mills were built on the Zwalm. Today there are only seven left […]


The Scheldt used to be a meandering river that burst its banks every winter, causing much of the surrounding area to be flooded. It was then a popular spot for many plants and animals. Every winter and spring a large part is still under water. The Kaaimeersen are the wintering and breeding place for some […]


The Kaaihoeve is located in a 7-hectare nature reserve that is part of the former flood area of the Upper Scheldt. The farm itself and the beautiful nature reserve around it owe their name to the former jetty. Before the Scheldt Meander was cut off in the 1960s, goods – such as coal and lime […]

St. Margaretha Chapel Wijlegem

In the municipality of Sint-Denijs-Boekel you will find the Sint Margaretha Chapel in the hamlet of Wijlegem. The chapel is a real gem, unique because of its location and serenity. Every square centimetre here truly exudes monumental value. The chapel was already mentioned in 1108. Later, Saint Margaretha emerged as its patron, a beloved popular […]


The picturesque Vijflindenkapel definitely deserves a stop during your walking or cycling tour. You can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Zwalm region with a panoramic view of the surrounding open landscape. The chapel probably dates from the 18th century, but there are also several older mentions. Plop down on one of […]


The winding Zwalmbeek punctuates the rolling Zwalm region. It rises in Brakel through the confluence of the Molenbeek and the Dorenbosbeek and flows into the Scheldt in Nederzwalm. The deep incision of the brook and the rivers create the typical landscape, with rows of trees in the valleys between the hills displaying the winding course. […]


Through all weathers, the imposing Vinkemolen mill along the Franskouter stands as a witness to a rich mill history. The mill dates from 1686 and was originally located in neighbouring Oosterzele. After the windmill blew down in 1983, reconstruction stuck to plans. It took until 2003 before the mill was rebuilt at its new location […]

Ville centre Dikkele

Dikkele is a small, remote village in the middle of the rolling fields, where hikers can indulge themselves. The village centre with its bumpy cobblestones has been fully protected since 1980, just like the area around it. The Munkbosbeek meanders through the picturesque village along surrounding forests where Jan De Lichte took shelter to make […]

Miners’ Path

On the border of Rozebeke and Michelbeke, you can walk, cycle, scoot, skate to your heart’s content on the Miners’ Path. The path used to be a railway line between the Flemish Ardennes and the Borinage coal mines. Today you can enjoy the greenery. Thanks to their great variety of abiotic characteristics, the verges are […]

Boembekemolen [mill]

The Boembekemolen, on the border of Rozebeke and Michelbeke (Brakel), is the visitor centre of Natuurpunt in the Flemish Ardennes. It is run by the volunteers of Natuurpunt Zwalmvallei. This beautiful historic setting is the perfect starting point for cycling trips and numerous beautiful walks along the Miner’s trail. In the visitor centre you can […]

Ijzerkotmolen [mill]

The Ijzerkotmolen instantly takes you back in time. The old water mill is first mentioned in 1452 and was successively a paper, iron, copper, oil and corn mill. At the weekend you can enjoy a delicious regional beer while admiring the old mill mechanism in all its glory. An ideal stop during your walk along […]

Pede’s Molentje [mill]

A picturesque little water mill in Hundelgem to dream away. You can visit it on special days (last Sunday April – second Sunday September – third Sunday October). Would you prefer to come and have a look at it at another time? Then make an appointment by calling 0468 34 33 69. Their brand new […]

Alderman’s letter from Bochoute

In the Dikkelse kouters you will encounter a special memorial stone at the intersection of the Oudenweg and the Kouterstraat. The massive stone from the famous quarries of Balegem immortalizes Bochoute’s Alderman’s Letter. A charter from 1249 written entirely in a regional variant of Middle Dutch. The charter seals the land transaction between the gentleman […]

Castle Ten Bieze

The Castle ‘Ten Bieze’ is located in a beautiful park of sixty hectares and is connected to the village centre of Beerlegem by a beech lane. The history of the castle dates back to lord Diederik van Berleghem (1196). The current castle was built around 1730. The domain is owned by Count d’Ursel de Bousies […]

Valley Perlink

The ‘Perlinkvallei’ nature reserve is located in a beautiful valley on the right bank of the Perlink or Boekelbeek in Sint-Blasius-Boekel. Downstream, the stream is called ‘Moldergembeek’ and flows into the Zwalm in Nederzwalm under the name Perdenstokbeek. You will not only discover toads and frogs in the pools, but also three species of salamanders. […]

Valley Munkbos

The Munkbosbeek meanders through the hilly landscape of the Zwalm region and visits several picturesque villages including Dikkele. The valley and the brook are named after the Munkbos or Monnikenbos, once the hideout of the infamous gang leader Jan De Lichte. When you explore the valley in the spring, you will discover a colourful palette […]

Koutermolen [mill]

From every hilltop in Zwalm, the white stone vat of the Koutermolen in Rozebeke immediately catches the eye. Sometimes it glows in the sun… sometimes it looks dreary in the fog or rain, but it is always a symbol of faded mill glory. The history of this grain and oil windmill dates back to before […]


Zwalm has no fewer than 12 churches. There are as many as there are villages. It is not without reason that the municipality is called the twelve-village paradise. You will find Gothic, neoclassical and Renaissance features in the architectural style and decoration of the sometimes impressive churches. Several of them also have a beautiful organ […]

Village statues

In most of the Zwalm village centres you can still experience the former village life. In nine of the twelve villages you will find a bronze statue that depicts a typical local professional activity or a remarkable event. You will discover the watercress picker in Roborst, the glove stitcher in Sint-Denijs-Boekel and the beer brewer […]

Moldergemmolen [mill]

The Moldergemmolen is located at the foot of the Molenberg, one of the well-known calf-biters of the Tour of Flanders. This water mill along the Boekelbeek from 1229 served as a sawmill, oil stamping mill and later flour mill. Both the mill and the surrounding area were protected as a village view in 1994. A […]

Biestmolen [mill]

The history of this protected water mill dates back to before 1063. At that time, it provided the livelihood of the Benedictine monks in Ename. At the end of the 19th century, the mill house was renovated and acquired its current appearance with a mill wheel. You can take a look at the mill house […]

Bostmolen [mill]

This watermill with an overshot wheel first appeared in writings in 1571. Since the mill was ground with four pairs of grinding stones, we can assume that this was a real ‘industrial’ mill. The Bostmolen was not left behind with the advent of the diesel engine. From then on, grinding could also be done using […]

Memorial Stone Pierre-Franz De Coene

Captain-commander Pierre-Franz De Coene was born in Munkzwalm on February 12, 1896. He had a carefree childhood in Munkzwalm in and around the parental farm in Wafelstraat. However, the tide turned on August 6, 1915, when he was called up to provide assistance to the Belgian troops behind the Yser. He performed his task honourably, […]

Statue Heros

At the recreation site in Munkzwalm you can admire the statue ‘Heros’ by internationally renowned artist Johan Tahon. The image cannot be captured in a few words. It is a representation of passion, victory, someone who wants to surpass himself and was inaugurated in 2011 on the occasion of Zwalm ‘Village of the Tour’.  “Heros […]